David B. Porch

I recently had the pleasure of working with your agent- Maggie Schultz- and closed on the sale of a house at 329 Carmel Drive. I have previously bought and sold four different houses. None of them required as much effort as that house.

The whole process was exacerbated by the facts that I as the executor of the estate did not live in Melbourne and the house had not been occupied in seven years. Our own inspectors, code officials, home owner associations, and those of potential buyers just kept finding issues. Maggie went way beyond what anyone could reasonably expect in helping me to find contractors and to follow up with them to ensure that eventually all issues were amicably settled. She always coordinated with me in a cheerful and pleasant manner so that I knew exactly what was happening and what was coming next. No small task. Eventually we sold the house for more, and netted more, than we had hoped for when we first entered into the contract with her.

She epitomized what people mean when they talk about “going the extra mile” and “providing World Class Service”. It has truly been a pleasure working with her throughout this process. Please convey my heartiest congratulations and thanks to her and let her co-workers know what an outstanding agent and person she is.